Here at Robin Royal, we have carefully crafted every aspect of your portrait experience to result in an exquisite piece of art. The colors, lighting, and overall design has been precisely formulated. For these reasons, we ask that you please adhere to the dress code.

Certain clothing colors and styles are preferred while others are discouraged.

For many of our clients, their Robin Royal becomes one of the finest pieces of art they will possess in their lifetime which is why we ask you to dress formally. Portraits are typically full length so make sure your shoes are appropriate for your attire. Generally, dark clothing works best as then most of our equipment’s light reflects off your face and eyes, not what you are wearing. This draws your focus as a viewer of the the art to see your soul, through the window of your eyes.

Bright/light colors, flashy patterns, and trendy clothing are discouraged.

You should wear your finest clothing to present yourself in the best light.

Men – Dark Jackets (tuxedo or suit), white shirt, tie, and dark pants and proper dress shoes.

Ladies – Dark (black, navy, burgundy, dark green, etc.) dress or gown. Little or no pattern is preferred.  Classic Jewelry such as diamonds, pearls, etc. are encouraged.   Remember those shoes!

Young Girls – Dark or jewel toned solid dresses are preferred. Long sleeves are recommended for adults, but girls usually are preferred to have short or no sleeves.   Dress shoes to go with their outfit.

Young Boys – Same as men, or a solid dark sweater.

Where do I find ​proper clothing?

These can be found at many local department and formal stores. Ladies and young girls can also purchase or rent a gown. Men and boys should purchase or rent a tux or suit.

Local recommendations for Men/Boys: J. H. & Sons and Halberstadt’s.

Local recommendations for Ladies/Girls: Elegant Xpressions

Online recommendations:  Rainey’s Closet or Anna Train Couture  for children.